I Matter....You Matter...We Matter

I Matter....You Matter...We Matter

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Day 23: The Evolvement of Change-#sol17

The Evolvement of Change

Change is hard, 
Change is frustrating, 
Change is defeating, 
Change is exhausting, 
Change is unavoidable,
Change is uncomfortable, 
Change is refreshing,
Change is invigorating, 
Change is motivating,  
Change is development, 
Change is progress, 
Change is growth.


  1. This is lovely. I love the progression of the descriptions!

  2. "Change is progress, Change is growth."- these words strike a chord with me so much. Change is such a difficult thing at times, and this was such a nice reminder that change is all a part of our story- the biggest changes often give us the opportunity for the best growth!

  3. Love the progression from negative to positive. Change is all those things. It's so true. We can't grow if we're always standing still.

  4. Yes yes yes! These lines stick with me especially after having a professional development meeting with many negative thoughts. Change is exhausting. Change is invigorating. Change is growth. Thank you for this.