I Matter....You Matter...We Matter

I Matter....You Matter...We Matter

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Day 28: Small Moments-#SOL17

Small moments from yesterday's day of travel through the eyes of children...

Mommy playing Tetris with luggage in the car (it all fit!)
Four backpacks filled with books, markers, and other forms of entertainment
Enjoying the moving walkways (multiple times)
Watching planes take off and land
Meeting the captain and co-pilot (they were nice)
Going "fast" (time to takeoff)
Gum and suckers (help for that ear popping)
Eating snacks and drinks on the airplane (there's always time for eating)
Watching cartoons (thank you free wifi)
"I'm so excited! I'm so excited!" x's 4 little voices (Mommy lost count, which is a good thing) :) Noticing how the trees look different
Big "bump" (time to land)
"It's hot and sunny!" (yes, yes it is)
"New" car (or just the rental car...we will return it)
Watching the sunset (from the car)
"We're here, we're here!"
Beach closed (yes, just for tonight)
New surroundings
Bedtime (for us ALL) :) 

Today brings sunshine, excitement, and a beach calling our names!


  1. Oh, this has me with tears in my eyes, so see your trip through the eyes of your children is a rare look into their minds and hearts. I miss these moments, so treasure them one and all. When people tell you "it goes too fast," believe them and never wish it away. Have a great trip and please continue to share!

  2. Love your children's voice in this slice. Their perspective of the world is fresh and exciting. Have fun!

  3. That's a lot of adventures in one day! Enjoy your trip.

  4. It is a gift being able to see the world through our children's eyes. Enjoy your trip!

  5. LOVE! These small moments are the best! As we were waiting for our flight home last night I was briefing my daughter on how to remember to hold her little brother's hand when I collapse the stroller and she looked at me with a serious face, saluted me, and said "Aye Aye Captain Mommy!". I could barely keep a straight face!